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og Pro Difference

Over Two Decades of Quality Experience

Established in 1987, Log Pro Restoration is a family owned, full-service log home restoration and log home repair products distribution company. From the beginning, we have strived to serve the developing log home industry. With our office and distribution center located in Bucks County, PA, our log home restoration contractors offer our products and services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Looking for log home restoration near me & log home repair and restoration at affordable log home restoration cost? We have you covered.

We are certified and factory trained with Perma-Chink, Sashco’s Zero failure program, and Weatherall. Log Pro Restoration specializes in: failed finishes, repair and replacement of rotted logs and timers, log home staining, consulting, maintenance, pre-purchase inspections, fire damage restoration, corn cob gritting, new age blasting media crushed glass, power washing, energy sealing, caulking and chinking and Thermal infrared evaluation.

A lasting beautiful finish with minimal maintenance to your log home depends on three things: proper preparation and stain application, quality of stain and seal product used, and finally, the amount of exposure the surface gets. The key to our success has been our dedication to quality. We believe in taking the utmost care in preparation, allowing for seamless application processes. We combine all of this with exceptional, high quality products and highly trained specialists, and we are left with a log home our customers will love!

Simply put, we know what works because because we have seen what doesn’t. We regularly deal with failed finishes by other log home restoration companies or DIY attempts, and we have developed an understanding and appreciation of what is required to easily maintain your log home. We can solve our customers long-term maintenance problems.

Our team of log home repair contractors are happy to share what we’ve learned about wood protection and restoration, in addition to providing quality log home products and log care. Log Pro also services cedar and redwood siding as well as cedar roofing.

As a licensed pesticide applicator, we are highly trained to detect, deter and stop wood boring bees, power post beetles, carpenter ants, and any other insect, molds and fungus which can destroy wood fibers and become costly to replace.

We use advanced technology to keep your home safe and comfortable. Our technical staff is accredited BPI, Building Performance Institute certified. By using a Blower door and thermal infrared camera together, we can detect temperature differentials of only one degree. This allows us to find not just the air leaks but areas that might need more insulation or ventilation. Thermal images can be printed out from a computer in order to compare before and after repair performances and provide a full written evaluation.

large log cabin with patio underneath