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Thank you for choosing Log Pro Restoration

Log-Pro Restoration proudly serves the states of DE, NJ, and PA!

We are the premium log home restoration experts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. We are now proudly serving Delaware as well. Log-Pro has two goals in mind:

1) To give you a beautiful log home!
2) To help you keep your home pristine for years to come.

We will not only repair any damaged, rotten or bug infested log home but we will help you to prevent damage to your precious home. We can fully survey and assess your property and help you decide what service is right for you. You can trust Log Pro Restoration with over two decades of quality experience in log home maintenance. Established in 1987, Log Pro Restoration is a family owned, full-service log home restoration and product distribution company. From the beginning, we have strived to serve the developing log home industry. With our office and distribution center located in Bucks County, PA, we provide service throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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