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The log home owner has three main concerns with a log home. Water, insects and sun. A properly log home staining and sealing is the most important factor you need to consider. Before any preservative can be applied to the logs or sub straight- as it is known in the industry- it needs to be clean, free of fungus, dirt, old staining or paint, and construction or manufacturing blemishes. LOG-PRO uses many methods to clean and restore your log home, media blasting and power washing to name a few.

Probably the most often used products, used by log home owners are over the counter products. Non-log home specific finishes. These products in our opinion and experience, simply do not hold up. Save yourself money and trouble in the long run, by using products designed specifically for your log home. Log-Pro is a Factory Certificate Applicator of: Perma-Chink, Weatherall, Sashco, Wood Guard, and Sikkens stains and sealants.

We approach each log home differently when it comes to stain and sealer. The most often asked question by log home owners and manufacturers of log homes is “what do you use?”

We use the product that fits the log home! What does that mean? Where is your located? What kind of weathering does it take? Is your home in a field, on top of a hill, or in the woods?

Where do you live in the country? This is just for starters. Than we will look at other factors to determine the right product. There are a lot of questions to be answered before we recommend a product for your home.

Call our technical service on detail on products for your log home.

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