thermal imaging of wooden home


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Too much air leakage wastes money, creates drafty cold areas, depletes natural resources and invites flies, lady bugs, bats, mice and other insects. Furthermore, the open joinery can allow water vapor and possibly even free water i.e. rain, ice or melting snow to enter from the exterior, resulting in rotted logs, insect infestation water stains on the interior walls. With wood being one of the best natural insulators, it can be easily understood why log building construction could provide improved energy efficient performance when compared to 2x framed walls. Even a modestly sized log home can have several thousand feet of seams and wood-to-wood joinery that must be properly designed and installed to minimize air leakage and ensure proper energy efficient performance.

Certified as a building analyst and building envelope professional. In order to find air leaks Log-Pro’s Blower door system depressurizes your home using our state of the art Retrotec blower door system to monitor the air flow rate exiting the building with all the doors and windows closed. As the blower door operates we use a FLIR thermal imaging camera to see unexpected air flow that might be coming thought doors, around windows, electrical outlets, log seams floor and unexpected sources. In addition to the blower door system our thermal imaging camera can detect poor insulation, entrapped moisture, defective thermal pane windows. We can print from the computer to show the photos and data before and after repairs. We have saved customers up to 35% on their energy cost with this log home technology.

Thermal Evaluation Tip:

It’s a good idea to have Log-Pro© scan your log home and find out where your heat loss is. Having your home energy sealed can save you up to 30% in energy costs.
thermal imaging of wooden home