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Pre-purchased log home inspections and consulting for buyer and seller Log homes are not your everyday purchase or restoration project. There are so many horror stories costing log homeowners thousands in repairs and log replacement. Many of these homes had inspections done by a qualified home inspection services, and that is where the problem begins.

It takes knowledge in the construction of log homes, types of homes, and how the logs are milled. Are they hand-hewn, chinked or sealed? The types of products that are on the home. Where the home is located. What shape the logs are in. Is there insect infestation?

Unfortunately, the majority of home inspectors are simply not qualified to inspect your log home and give you an accurate and reliable analysis of the unique nature of a log home. Uninformed log home buyers have made Drastic errors that end up costing them thousands of dollars.

If you notice any of the listed items or your home has a problem, see our photos. You should seriously consider an inspection by Log-Pro. We deal with log homes everyday. Enter into your purchase agreement with all the knowledge and information you require to make your log home purchase a pleasant one. If you are the least bit concerned about log home inspections regarding your potential purchase, call us for an inspection. Call us and let us know your interest in our pre-purchase inspection plan.
Corner of a wooden interior room