Media Blasting 1


e clean log surfaces

leads in cob-grit cleaning

LOG-PRO uses many methods to clean log surfaces: Power Washing, Cob-Gritting, New Age Blasting media crushed glass. Our power washing equipment is state of the art and able to generate cold and hot water low, and high pressures with a chemical injection system.

Cob Grit Cleaning: LOG-PRO leads the way in cob-grit cleaning. We have been using this method to clean log homes since 1997 and are leading the log home industry into a new era of strip, cleaning, and removal of paint in the most environmentally safe way. Totally biodegradable and no waiting around for your home to dry out. There are no leaks or flooding in your home. Likewise, you can recycle Cob-grit and use it again.

Cob-grit cleaning is less abrasive than sand and can be used around gardens or plants and windows.

Pros use glass cutlets make New Age Blast Media from recycled glass bottles. Crushed glass is not biodegradable and is very difficult to recycle on a job site. It has to be discarded at a disposal site; your trash man will not pick it up because of the silicon properties. That being said: it works well on Logs removing sun damaged fibers, lightly covered or faded stains. It’s a slower process and we find that you often need more on projects because of the fact it’s smaller and non-recyclable making it more costly.

We recommend Media Blasting if:

man painting wood exterior