Log Cabin Chinking 1


roffesional chinking

airtight pleasing applications

LOG-PRO has experience in all forms of log cabin chinking, wide seam, narrow seams and handcrafted homes. We provide an airtight pleasing application, with no blisters or tears. Our application involves the use of a grip strip and close cell backer to seams and the product is applied by a bulk loader, and tubes. This is followed by a tooling process that uses isopropyl alcohol combined with 50% water, and polyethylene application pads to ensure an air and moisture proof seal.

We work with the home owners to achieve their desired look. With proper techniques, chinking or caulking, can be made to blend into the wood or accent your home. Our craftsmanship comes with a (1) year warranty. We use only products designed specifically for your log home by companies that deal exclusively with log homes. Log Pro Distributors can help you decide what products you will need for your home. If your a do-it-yourself and would like a one day demonstration, Call or e-mail for info.